Saturday, May 15, 2010

Living in Wisdom and Good Humour

Does greater wisdom come with maturity? The answer is yes and no. The adage we grow wiser as we grow older is not necessarily true. It is true that life gives us many opportunities to grow and develop wisdom and see with more clarity what is going on in our lives and in the world at large. However with each new phase of our life we are actually going somewhere new, and  like the old world explorers, charting new waters. In these times we are vulnerable and need to exercise caution.
We need to be conscious of our history, of our mistakes and of our growing wisdom, to pause now and then and reflect. None of us know everything that is going on in our lives, that is not possible, so we need to draw on our experience and ensure that the lessons history has taught us are have in fact been learned and heeded. More importantly to ask. "Will knowing and applying to my current situation what I have learned from the past provide the solution I am seeking?"  That is the real meaning of learning from history, of developing true wisdom.
Face these new phases in your life with optimism and confidence, know that as you get older your well of knowledge gets deeper. Greet each new day with gratefulness and develop the habit of offering cheerfulness and humour to every living creature you meet.
The universe is a not static, it is a dynamic exchange of thought and action, of giving and receiving. Give the gifts of happiness and cheer without condition and receive what you want one hundred fold in return.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Creating Prosperity with a Cheerfull Reality

The foundation for the state of cheerfulness is found in the understanding of the nature of reality. Over the last 15 to 20 years scientific breakthroughs have assisted us to understand clearly how the mind in effect creates its own reality. The reality of Wisdom, of Health, of Prosperity and the creative state of Cheerfulness. How do you visualise clearly and with passion and charge that visualisation with emotion so that it becomes a powerful creative process?...Visualise as if the reality we wish to create is already being experienced...To understand this and to regularly practice creative visualisation is to assume absolute control over and harness your true power to create any reality you desire.
Start out on this journey of discovery and creation by simply committing to record, in a small diary that you can index as you progress is a simple but effective method, every reality you wish to create or state you wish to experience. Write each in the form of a goal, one that has already been accomplished.
Let's create the first one and then you can create your own complete list using the same method.

Goal : To be ever cheerful regardless of circumstance.
Stated as a goal already accomplished: I am always cheerful, relaxed and composed. I share this inner peace with every living creature I meet.
Visualisation example: Picture yourself walking beside a stream, you breathe the fresh clean air, you feel the warmth of the sun and hear the birds singing and the ripple of the stream flowing. You are relaxed, not a care in the world, you feel immense joy at being alive, of experiencing the beauty of nature that surrounds you.  You are smiling, you are happy, you are in a totally relaxed state of joy.
Make time each day to state your goal clearly, preferably in the morning and in the evening; charge the statement with emotion. Visualise the goal as though you are already experiencing its reality.

Start today with just this one goal, for achieving cheerfulness is to create a frame of mind that is extremely receptive to all other positive thoughts and therefore to the creation  and manifesting of anything in life you want, or person you wish to become.


There is no distance on the pathway to cheerfulness. Cheer is to be found beyond the alleys and passageways of our consciousness to a place where our life began. As a child we knew nothing other than cheer, our birthright. Cheer is really joy without having to have a reason.

To find true cheer is to go beyond our Ego, any need to exercise control, make judgement of events or of others or to require their approval of the person we are and the things we value.

The Ego is constantly seeking those.

Place your attention therefore on that silent, peaceful state between thoughts for this is where true cheerfulness is found. Express that cheer to every living being you meet and you will find fulfilment. Place the Ego in the background, and just be your true self, your totally natural state. The reward of displaying this cheerfulness is to have it returned to you tenfold.

Find your relaxation state with music you love, music that inspires and creates that special feeling that comes only from the soul. Likewise indulge your deepest inner thought processes and expand your knowledge and wisdom by reading..Reading develops the conscious state and challenges the senses to explore, experience and expand.